More Big Ups

First Up gotta thank for the 2 amazing reviews of our last album Crux/DUB Collide Hybridize … completely STONKED!!!

When it comes to DUB, Version Big-Fi must be credited with not only an original approach, but also with a progressiveness which might very well turn out to be heralding a new style within the disciple or remixing Drum and Bass driven music.
In other words, Version Big-Fi take the technique called DUB to relatively unprecedented levels. We already saw the phenomenon of "mash-up’s”, online remixes and combinations of known tunes which the Version Big-fi definitely integrate in their works, but to simply point out to these “mash-up’s” (sorry, didn’t invent the name) wouldn’t justify their art.

Art, even, with a capital “A”.

Hear and Feel!


Eleven tracks, wherein the UK based DUB collective explores yet deeper and more mysterious realms of the digital technologies that enabled them to produce their widely acclaimed material.

After all, not everyone is nominated for the Reggae Grammy Awards. Reggae purists, especially those that basically believe how contemporary possibilities should not be applied by producers and (other) artists in order to play the music. They will have a hard time discrediting Version Big-Fi, though. Completely independent, perhaps even ignorant of the demands of the political correct crowd, the DUB heads keep producing some remarkable stuff that needs to be heard.

This is DUB, DUB, and nothing but DUB!


… yeah we know it’s a bit of a back-slap ting posting reviews of your own music but feck it as it reminds us that there are nice people out their digging what we do during those down days and we really appreciate it.

….. incase you missed it here’s the Dub version of our latest single Hands Up posted on our twitter page:

Version Big-Fi – Hands Up (Super Dub)

One of the best places on the web, sorry make that the best place on the web to find excellent dub mixes is Crammed full of mixes which put commercially released similar stuff in the shade Stop That Train is my first stop anytime I’m looking for a dub heavy mix. Once you have listened to one of their mixes you will crave them all. It’s impossible to choose the best of the lot but here’s a little taster for you. You will never need to buy another reggae/dub mix ever again.

kindly posted on The Power Corruption & Lies blog.

also big-ups going out to Dr Strangedub on for airing StopThatTrain 18 Mix in full on his radio show Echo Chamber on KFAI 90.3Minneapolis

and thanks to the following podcasts / MixTape crews for featuring Big-Fi tracks first off check out Switch Docta’s
BassReflex 2009 &
Forward – Inna Roots Direction
also  the The UBLF Podcast The Chilldown Period – Episode 4
… always happy to help those that help spread the Big-Fi sound.

… last but not least we were kindly sent a Bootleg/Mashup by "The Nutty Dreadlack”, it mixes our track Chicken Shot from the Everything But album along with Run DMC’s “It’s Tricky” … must admit it was a bit strange hearing it at first which is a bit ridiculous seeing as we’ve been messing about with other peoples music for years! … totally honoured though and think it’s fun 🙂 … big up

The Nutty Dreadlack – Tricky Chicken

Over & Out

originally posted Aug 4th, 2009