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“Featuring DJ/producers Tone and Papa Sparks, Version Big-Fi are the Reading, U.K. duo responsible for Stop That Train, a podcast of killer roots reggae selections plus dub cuts old and new. They recently released the Crux Collide Hybridize album, a pay-what-you-want digital download filled with bottomless bass and echoing dub sounds. It’s the follow-up to their debut full-length Everything But which was nominated for “Best Dub Recording or Album” at the 2008 Reggae Academy Awards in Kingston, Jamaica. Check the hypnotizing and almost inert video for the Crux track “Static” plus their truly heavy dub-step remix of New Order’s “Blue Monday”.

Stop by their website for all the downloads and to check out the new single “The Hip Gahn Drop” with vocals from his lordship, the one and only Lord Buckley.”

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